Project Registration

All projects must be registered by submitting the required paperwork to us at the January registration meeting. All required forms can be found on the Forms page.

Teacher and students should keep copies of all the following forms for their own records and use.

Required Forms of all students

  • Ying Expo and Florida SSEF Entry Form (must be the original form, no copies)
  • Ying Expo Media Release (include one each for all team members)
  • Florida SSEF Abstract Form (ISEF abstracts or any others are not allowed)
  • Checklist for Adult Sponsor (1)
  • Student Checklist (1A)
  • Complete, typed research plan (please see 1A instructions)
  • Approval Form (1B) (one for each team member)

Some students may require additional forms if their projects were done in a regulated research institution or industrial setting, were continuations of previous research, involved human or vertebrate research, used PHBAs, controlled substances, or hazardous chemicals, activities or devices or microorganisms that were not exempt from pre-approval. For information regarding these projects please see the ISEF Rules and Guidelines.