Student entries are grouped into two fields or divisions of science, either biological or physical.

There are a total of 13 categories. These 13 categories are divided into the "Biological" and "Physical" science divisions. These categories will also be used by the Florida State Science and Engineering Fair beginning in 2016.

Each of these 13 categories are described here.

Science Fair 2008 061.jpg
Dr. Nelson Ying Orange County Science Exposition Categories
Category Abbreviation Field/Division
Animal Sciences ANIM Biological
Behavioral & Social Sciences BEHA Biological
Biomedical & Health Sciences BMED Biological
Cellular/Molecular Biology & Biochemistry CMBI Biological
Chemistry CHEM Physical
Earth & Environmental Sciences EAEV Physical
Engineering ENMS Physical
Environmental Engineering ENEV Physical
Intelligent Machines, Robotics and Systems Software IMRS Physical
Mathematics & Computational Sciences MACO Physical
Microbiology MICR Biological
Physics & Astronomy PHYS Physical
Plant Sciences PLNT Biological