Special Award Sponsorship

In addition to the cash and trip awards that are awarded to the students by the fair itself, many companies and organizations provide their own special awards. These special awards typically recognize student projects within a specialized field or area of expertise. For example, a consulting engineering firm that specializes in environmental engineering might provide a special award for projects that dealt with environmental issues.

Special awards are limited only by the donor's imagination. Examples of special awards include:

  • Cash award ($25 to $250 or more)

  • Certificate of Accomplishment (we typically suggest that certificates always be accompanied by a cash award)

  • Materials or instruments that can be used by the student (i.e. calculators, microscopes, etc.)

  • Summer internship

  • Access to facilities that relate to the area of study (i.e. a tour of a research lab)

Special awards are listed in the program book which is distributed to all judges, students and parents of students.

Current special award sponsors are shown on the left hand side.

If you are willing to be a Special Award Sponsor you can let us know about your special award either by means of our on-line form or our mail-in form using the buttons below.